Mission statement

The Electronic Matériel Depot contributes to the primary process of the RNLAF by maintaining electronics of RNLAF weapon systems. The contribution will be made available to the user within a beforehand determined delivery time with a fixed quality and at minimum cost.


The Electronic Matériel Depot has three major tasks:

1. The primary task of the depot is to provide the RNLAF air bases and units with technical support. Faulty electronic equipment or parts of equipment are being repaired, maintained, or manufactured if necessary. This maintenance is mainly performed at the depot but can also be performed at unit level.

Maintenance can be divided into three major areas:

a. Electronic ground-based systems (such as radar and communications systems).
b. Parts of aircraft electronic systems (F-16) and surface-to-air guided weapons (HAWK, Patriot, Flycatcher).
c. Measurement and test equipment. To ensure proper and accurate operation of electronic test equipment regular calibration is necessary. Calibration is performed for the entire Air Force. The depot has received a Proof of Recognition of the Dutch calibration organization Nederlandse Kalibratie Organisatie (NKO).

2. Provide the RNLAF in and outside The Netherlands with parts. This is the wholesale dealer and distribution task. To facilitate this, the depot has a large warehouse at it's disposal. Annually, approximately 35,000 parts are being distributed and appropriately 85,000 parts are stored or carried through. The depot deals with some 350 suppliers.

3. Provide specialized technical training.