North Atlantic treaty Organization

In 1995, long before Facebook, Twitter, and social media, long before Web 2.0 and with the world wide web still in its infancy, I created documentation on NATO. Partly because I needed it for myself then and thought it would be wasteful to keep my notes in a drawer of a file cabinet I lined out the sometimes complicated military command structure of NATO.

One of the major sources then was NATO itself, which then used the gopher protocol via gopher://, a text-based menu-driven system which made for time-consuming research. Their website came later and it was abysmal. Later, NATO started publishing their NATO Handbook in HTML and PDF format.

Over the last years, NATO has caught up with technology and can visualize this kind of information far better than I can. With the ever changing political and military environment it is difficult to keep this kind of information accurate.

So some of the documents I kept here, the command structure etc I have removed.

NATO's 2003 structure