Comment spam flood

For the first time I disabled commenting for anonymous users. Whatever little I have to write, can be done without it. I simply lack the resources to deal with hundreds of useless spam comments in the queue.

Edit: using an external filtering service allowed me to open up comments and eliminate spam completely.


I was using Mollom to filter spam comments. The system worked surprisingly well. Unfortunately, Acquia has pulled the plug on this project April 2. And indeed, immediately the spam flooded this tiny system. So I temporarily pulled the plug on anonymous commenting.

Google reCAPTCHA V2 is doing a great job in preventing spam submissions with minimal user interaction. It typically only requires checking one check box before submitting the form. If there is doubt, it presents an actual challenge.

The Drupal module reCAPTCHA (which depends on CAPTCHA) works well for this. Haven’t seen a single spam comment yet.