All information used to compose the articles about the F-16 Mid-Life Update is unclassified and non-sensitive. This document provides a valuable list of resources.


Avionics Weekly & Space Technology
8 Jul 1991 "Texas Instruments' New F-16 mission computer to provide advanced navigational capabilities" p.65
8 Jul 1996 Advertiser sponsored market supplement p.S3-S4
22 Sep 1997 "USAF F-16 upgrades include color displays, mission computer" p.79
29 Sep 1997 "Upgraded F-16 to fire AMRAAM" p.53-54
19 Jan 1998 AMRAAM firing p.18
26 Jan 1998 Bahrain plans to buy additional F-16s p.21

Flight International
12-18 Jan 1994 "Lockheed given more cash for F-16 colour" p.16
10-16 May 1995 "US National Guard seeks reconnaissance pods p.22
28 Jun-4 Jul "Netherlands AMRAAMS" p.16
9-15 Aug 1995 "Primal screen show" p.35-39
6-12 Sep 1995 "USA tempts Poles and Czechs with F-16 upgrade work offer" p.5
13-19 Sep 1995 "Dutch AF spends $14m on Israeli ACE" p.14
1-7 Nov 1995 Military aircraft of the world p.49
29 Nov-5 Dec 1995 "Netherlands research simulator operational" p.26
13-19 Mar 1996 "Wiring hitch hits F-16 MLU plans" p.15
29 Jan-4 Feb 1997 "Belgium provides for more F-16 upgrades" p.18
19-25 Feb 1997 "Netherlands deploys interim F-16 recconnaissance system" p.21
12-18 Mar 1997 "Going Dutch" p.32-33
25 Jun-1 Jul 1997 "New US F-16Cs will have latest A/B updates" p.21
1-8 Jul 1997 "Netherlands picks pods for F-16 Mid-Life Update" p.22
16-22 Jul 1997 "Bahrain receives US F-16 offer" p.18
6-12 Aug 1997 "Norwegians will test F-16 missile-warning system" (also: approval Belgian F-16s)
15-21 Oct 1997 "Upgraded F-16 goes to Netherlands air force" p.26
29 Oct-4 Nov 1997 Military aircraft directory, Lockheed Martin F-16 p.62
25 Feb-3 Mar 1998 "European operators work in bid to meet F-16 MLU deadline" p.22

Jane's International Defence Review
7/1995 "Mid-Life Update F-16s begin flight trials" p.13-17
2/1996 Quarterly report number 2/1996, article F-16 p.11-13
5/1996 Jane's International Defense Review 5/1996 p.46-49
9/1997 (1) "Norway to evaluate F-16 MLU missile approach warning system" p.17
9/1997 (2) "Netherlands spilts F-16 pod purchase" p.17

Jane's Defence Weekly
25 Jun 1994 "Year-long test phase ahead for F-16 MLU" p.7
17 Jun 1995 "Better by design" p.34-35
24 Jun 1995 "Green light for Danish EW system" p.19
28 Oct 1995 "Dutch put Gripen through its paces" p.29-30
7 Feb 1996 Recce system
29 May 1996 "$161m reconnaissance upgrade for Dutch F-16s p.8
12 Feb 1997 "F-16 MLU tops Belgian plan" p.14
23 Jul 1997 "Dutch F-16s to get warning units" p.12
17 Sep 1997 "Danes struggle to find pilots for F-16 fleet" p.9
8 Oct 1997 "F-16's Mid-Life Update enters decisive phase" p.49-55
8 Oct 1997 "Taiwan F-16 deployment" p.27
29 Oct 1997 "Dutch buy LANTIRN for F-16s" p.13
19 Nov 1997 "US DoD sees possible $1.3b in foreign military sales"
21 Jan 1998 "MLU F-16 fires AMRAAM in Florida test" p.13
10 Jun 1998 "Upgrade for Taiwan's fighter fleet" p.13

Jane's Defence Upgrades
17 Feb 1997 "Dutch MLU F-16s take on SEAD role"

Jane's Defence Systems Modernisation
Jun 1997 "Navigating by the numbers" p.11,12,21

Defence Systems Daily
11 Jul 1997 "Bahrain wanting to buy F-16s"

Air International
Mar 1997 Military affairs p.130-131
Apr 1997 "Fighting the Falcon into the 21st century" p.208-213
Jan 1998 MLU conversion

Air Forces Monthly
Jan 1993 Article MLU p.11
Apr 1993 Belgian/Dutch cutbacks F-16 p.7
Nov 1995 "Israeli ACMI" p.5
Sep 1996 "First European MLU F-16s flown" p.8

Perception Publishing International
Jul 1997 Awarded contracts

Armed Forces Journal
31 Oct 1996 "F-16 MLU Radar"
Feb 1998 "The upgrade mirage"

Central News Agency
10 Apr 1997 Press release: "Taiwan's 1st f-16 fighters to arrive"

Onze Luchtmacht
Oct/Nov 1994 "F-16 simulatoren" p.39
Jun/Jul 1995 "Mid-Life Update" p.39
Aug/Sep 1995 "Mid-Life Update verdubbelt slagkracht" p.13-16
Aug/Sep 1996 "F-16 Mid-Life Update" p.3-6
Oct/Nov 1997 "MLU invoering begint" p.36-36

Vliegende Hollander
May 1992 "Tweede jeugd voor F-16" p.4-6
Oct 1993 "DMVS pakt haarscheurtjes aan - Pacer SLIP verlengt technische levensduur F-16's" p.16-19
Mar 1994 "F-16 pompt siperen op" p.16-19
May 1995 "Mid-Life Update op schema - Eerste gemoderniseerde F-16 bijna klaar" p.4-7
Dec 1995 "Geavanceerde vluchtsimulator" p.35
Aug/Sep 1996 F-16 successor: "F-16-opvolging: toekomstmuziek? (part 1)" p.4-8
Oct 1996 F-16 successor: "Europese troeven? (part 2)" p.12-15
Oct 1996 "F-16 wereld in de zevende hemel - nieuw registratiesysteem biedt unieke mogelijkheden" p.24-27
Nov 1996 F-16 successor: "De Amerikaanse droom (part 3)" p.4-8
Nov 1996 F-16 successor: "Opvolger F-16 (part 4)" p.9-13
Feb 1997 "Testcentrum Leeuwarden - Internationaal gezelschap beproeft MLU-versie F-16" p.8-11
May 1997 "De lange arm van de Maverick" p.4-7
Dec 1997 Signing of contract with Lockheed Martin (LANTIRN) and GEC Marconi (Atlantic FLIR)
Apr 1998 FACE symposium p.34
Mar 1998 "Belangrijke first voor MLU F-16, eerste AMRAAM-lancering succes" p.9
Jul 1998 "Niet praten maar doen, motto 322 Squadron geldt ook bij invoering MLU-F-16" p.4-9
Feb 1999 "Duizendste roll-out op Leeuwarden" p.15
Feb 1999 "Oud Airframe, nieuw wapenplatform" p.20-23
Jul 1999 "LANTIRN pod nieuwste toevoeging"
Nov 2005 "Meesurfen op innovatiedrukgolf JSF" p. 19-21

Apr1998 "LGB's op Vlieland" p3-4

Mar 1997 Militair nieuws, Nederland

Flug Revue
17 Nov 1996 First F-16 production upgrade kits delivered
21 Feb 1999 Additional kits for Belgium


NRC Handelsblad
15 May 1995 "Gemoderniseerde F-16 ten doop met rode wijn" p.1,3
4 Nov 1997 "JSF vrijwel zeker opvolger Hollandse F-16"
16 Jan 1998 "Kans op assemblage Fighter gering"
10? Feb 1998 "Gmelich Meijling bekijkt mogelijke opvolger F-16"
?-?-1997 "Nederland op zoek naar opvolger F-16"
?-?-1997 Article/Photograph (date?)
1 May 1997 "Maverick voor Luchtmacht"
2 Oct 1997 "Leeuwarden krijgt vernieuwde F-16" p.1,8
May 1998 "Chinook als gewichtheffer"
22 Feb 1999 Dallas Business Journal - article


General Dynamics Electronics Division
Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
LMTAS corporate Web site
Press releases:
Brochure 1 Sep 1995 F-16A/B Mid-Life Update
Vision Now Oct 1996 "LANTIRN"
Press releases Several
6 Jan 1998 "European F-16 Launches First AMRAAM"
23 Jun 1998 "Lockheed Martin to Develop Major F-16C/D Upgrade"
13 Jul 1998 "Helmet-Mounted Cueing Demonstrated with Lockheed Martin F-16 in Europe"
23 Jul 1998 "Lockheed Martin to develop major F-16C/D upgrade"
4 Dec 1998 "Portugal To Expand Its F-16 Fleet"
25 Jan 1999 "Lockheed Martin Receives Contract ForMajor Software Upgrade to US and European F-16s"
15 Feb 1999 "Lockheed Martin Receives Order for Additional F-16 Upgrade Kits"
7 Jun 1999 "Lockheed Martin Taking New F-16 Show To Paris"
15 Jun 1999 "LANTIRN pods shipped"
8 Sep 1999 "Lockheed Martin To Start Production PhaseOf Major F-16 Avionics Upgrade"
Code One magazine:
Oct 1996 "F-16 MLU takes flight in Europe" p.21
12 Nov 1996 "First F-16 Production Upgrade Kits Delivered Ahead of Schedule"
17 Jun 1997 "New US Air Force F-16s Will HaveColor Displays and Other Advanced Systems"
Jul 1997 "F-16 evolution" p.22-35
Jan 1998 "Mid-Life Update F-16s reach maturity"
Apr 1998 "Bahrain signs agreement for F16s" (F-16C/D) p.38
Apr 1998 "Dutch compliments and questions" (F-16 MLU avionics/TWR vs. F-16C) p.40
Honeywell website
Honeywell Netherlands website
Press releases Several
01 Mar 1994 "F-16 cockpit gains color displays"
30 Aug 1995 "Honeywell wins contract to produce color cockpit displays for F-16 fleets in NATO countries and Taiwan"
15 Jul 1997 "Honeywell Defense Avionics Systems to Provide Color Displays for US Air Force F-16s"
07 Sep 1998 "Honeywell Awarded F-16 Avionics Upgrade"
Northrop Grumman
15 Jun 1999 Press release: "Northrop Grumman Receives Three F-16 Radar Contracts"
GEC-Marconi Hazeltine Systems
GEC-Marconi Hazeltine web site
Hughes Missiles Systems
Corporate Website
28 Feb 1997 Hughes Electronic Herald: "HMSC sets sights on two new contracts"
Raytheon Training And Stimulation
Corporate Website
28 Feb 1996 "Hughes Training to build F-16 Unit Level Trainers for Royal Danish Air Force"
15 Feb 1999 "Raytheon delivers F-16 Mid-Life Update trainers to Royal Danish Air Force"
British Aerospace Systems And Equipment
Corporate website
10 Jan 1997 Terprom factsheet
Per Udsen Co
Brochure "F-16 EW self-protection concept"
Demonstration Farnborough Airshow, 1991
RADA Electronic
1997 Press statement: Cooperation RADA and NLR
Corporate Web site
March 1, 1999 Press statement: MOU Lockheed Martin for supply of ADTE and FACE.
Corporate web site
1 Nov 1995 Press statement: Receival commendation for MLU support
MR & A
Table F-16A Fighting Falcon Unit costs
Corporate Website
28 Oct 1998 Press release: "F-16 Mid-Life Update program"
28 Oct 1998 Press release: "F-16 Mid-Life Update using VHDL"
28 Oct 1998 Press release: "Electronic Counter Measure System for F-16"
Vega Group
Sep 1999 Press release: "Avionics Technician Training Package"
May 24, 1999 Press release: "Orbital wins $16 million contract from US Air Force"
July 13, 1998 Press release: "Delft Sensor Systems selected for CITS"
Corporate website
NLR "First flight of F-16 MLU with new flight test instrumentation system"
OIP Delft Sensor Systems Press Releases Page:"Lockheed Martin and Delft Sensor Systems Sign MOA on Targeting System"

Other Sources

Dutch Government
16 Dec 1996 Brief minister/staatssecretaris Defensie: Contingency Plan F-16
20 Jun 1997 Brief minister/staatssecretaris Defensie: Self protection equipment F-16
3 Jun 1998 "Presentatie gemoderniseerde F-16"
Belgian Government
17 Jan 1996 Plan midellange termijn 1997-1998: Improvement of F-16 recce pod
18 Jul 1997 Press statement: Approval remaining 24 F-16s
Danish Government
Press release 12Nov1996 Four additional F-16s

Table List of Danish MOD contracts (through Danish embassy in Canada)
United States Air Force
12 Nov 1997 DefenseLink: Contract Lockheed Martin
10 Nov 1997 DefenseLink: Memorandum for correspondents: Announcement of possible sale of 20 mod kits to Portugal

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