Air operations

Air operations

December 23, 1999
Operation Joint Guardian - Air Power
Country Aircraft
Belgium F-16

Canada CF-18

Denmark F-16A

France Jaguar, Mirage 2000C, 2000D,
F1, MIR-IVP, JAG-A, E3-F, C-135F,
UAV CL-289, UAV CR, PUMA SA-330,
aircraft on FS Foch -- when in the area

Germany Tornado PA-200H, PA-200E, UAV CL289

Italy Tornado ADV, PA2001, AMX, F104,
Boeing 707/T
aircraft on ITS Garibaldi

Netherlands F-16A, F-16AM, KDC-10


Norway F-16A

Portugal F-16A

Spain EF-18, KC-130, CASA

Turkey TF-16C, F-16, KC-135

UK L-1011K, E3-D, GR-7, GR1, VC-10,
aircraft on HMS Invincible -- when in the area

US A-10, B-1B, B-2, B-52, EA-6B,
F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-117, EC-130,
KC-130, AC-130, MC-130, C-135, RC-135,
KC-135, KC-10, MH-53J, MH-60G, E-8C,
E-3B/C, P-3C, U2-S, Hunter UAV, Predator,
aircraft on USS Roosevelt (F-14 + F-18)