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iPhone "Cannot Connect to Voicemail"

iPhone voice mail error

My wife's iPhone 4 came new out of the box at the telecom store. Neither of us have visual voice mail, in which case the voice mail button should just display a list with voice messages. It works on my phone, but it did not on my wife's. Instead, it displayed an error:

Drupal Block Refresh module caveats


There is an issue with the Block Refresh module.

After installation and configuration I discovered that the auto refresh was not working. Firefox's Firebug extension showed that requests were made at the proper interval and data was actually returned, but the block's content was simply not being updated.

My iTunes gripes

For me, iTunes is by far the worst software I have currently running on any of my computers. By far. It is such a contrast with the slick iOS devices from the same company.

Here are my iTunes gripes.