Operation Joint Forge

September 4, 2000

Command Structure

COMSFOR is Lieutenant General Michael L. Dodson (US Army) since September 2000. He reports to the NATO Supreme Commander Allied Forces Europe (SACEUR). SFOR Deputy Commander (DCOMSFOR) is Major General Roger DuBurg (French Army) since June 2000. SFOR Deputy Commander of Operations (DCOMOPS) is Major General P C C Trousdell Philip since March 2000.

Various Component Commanders report to COMSFOR :

COMSFOR is based in Sarajevo. Reporting to him are three Division commanders:

  • MD North, HQ Tuzla - Major General Rober L. Halverston (US Army)

  • MD South East, HQ Mostar - Major General Robert Meille (French Army)
  • MD South West, HQ Banja Luka: Major General Rick J. Hiller (Canadian Army)

The Air Component commander is Commander Allied Air Forces Southern Europe (COMAIRSOUTH).

The SFOR maritime component comprises ships from several nations, which are formed into task forces and are available or can be called upon to support the SFOR mission. Other naval forces presently in the Mediterranean Sea can be made available. SFOR has two maritime commanders:

  • Commander Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe
    who has operational command of naval units which ensure that the Adriatic Sea Lines of Communication remain open for the reinforcement and resupply of SFOR forces ashore.

  • Commander Allied Striking Forces Southern Europe
    who has under command power projection forces which remain available to support SFOR as needed, particularly in the event of non-compliance with the Peace Agreement. These forces include carrier-based aviation assets and amphibious forces.