Statement by the NATO-Russia permanent Joint Council on the security situation in Kosovo

July 23, 1999

NATO and Russia affirm their commitment to full implementation of the provisions and goals of the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

NATO and Russia are determined to do their utmost to ensure equal security for all inhabitants of Kosovo regardless of their ethnic, political or religious affiliations. To this end most intensive patrolling will continuously be undertaken in all parts of Kosovo, especially in areas of high risks. NATO and Russia will continue to consider in the PJC ways of further improving security in Kosovo. They condemn all acts of violence against the Kosovo population. Those responsible should be brought to justice through the mechanisms referred to in UN Security Council Resolution 1244. They express their growing concern at the continuing departure of significant numbers of Serbs and members of other ethnic groups from Kosovo. They urge all Serbs and members of other ethnic groups to stay in Kosovo and those who have left to return to their homes.

NATO and Russia call upon all the people of Kosovo to support and co-operate with the international security and civil presences in carrying out their mandates established by UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Source: NATO