iOS 8 gripes

Here are a few issues I've encountered with iOS 8.0.2.

App Store update badge

The App Store app always indicates there are updates while the versions listed are already installed. Tried killing the app, rebooting the phone, syncing, force a refresh (tapping 9 times on the update button in the app). Nothing helps. Only if I download updates directly from the iPhone it detects it and reduces the counter in the app badge.

Update 6 Oct: There is another update for an app. Instead of now indicating 4 it is indicating 1 after syncing with iTunes.
Update 9 Oct: It is correct today. Seems intermittent. Perhaps a connectivity issue with the App Store?
Update 11 Oct: Seems like this has self-corrected, still functioning properly.

iTunes WiFi sync

Phone no longer syncs via wifi. I updated iTunes from 11.3.1 to 11.4 the day 11.4 was released. Wifi sync worked fine until the phone was updated to iOS 8. No matter what I try, it doesn't even list the device in iTunes. Syncing via USB works.

Update Oct 21: iOS 8.1 solves that problem. It has been working fine for two days now.


Autocorrect used to work fine. In iOS 8 it often (but intermittently) skips corrections like the Apple-related ones such as itunes. (See, it did that here too, typing this on my phone.)

Keyboard suggestions

The suggestions above the keyboard are often incorrectly spelled words. No idea where that comes from.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Custom shortcuts are not always detected and expanded if they are started with a capital (which iOS will do when it deems you are at the start of a new sentence. Never noticed this in iOS 7.


While typing inside form fields in Safari the active line with the cursor sometimes disappears under the keyboard (the page isn't moved up automatically).


While typing inside forms fields Safari sometimes locks up. The only way out is to kill it and reload the page.

Update: iOS 8.1.2 fixed that.

App screen rotation

Apps in landscape sometimes do not rotate to correct for orientation. Sometimes, it takes a few tries and the app correctly follow the current orientation of the phone. Sometimes, it will not respond at all. Most notably in Microsoft's Remote Desktop client but there are games where this also happens.

Update Oct 21: iOS 8.1 seems to have solved that.