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Greece may block Croatia's path to EU

Greece may block the opening of a new chapter of Croatia's EU membership talks, because Croatia recognized Macedonia's national minority and the national orthodox church. Earlier, Greece also blocked Croatia's accession to NATO.

Limiting indentations for threaded comments in Drupal


(This works for Drupal 5.x, 6.x, 7.x.)

Threaded comments in Drupal are fine, but after a certain number of replies, you really need to limit the amount of indentation or the comment space will get too small to be useful.

At first, I hacked the comment module and added a variable to define the maximum number of nested comments. Since I am drastically reducing the number of hacks in favor of more appropriate solutions, I decided to solve this with CSS.

Take a look at the result. In comments, the left indentation (margin-left) is taken from comment.css.

Serbia lobbying for ICJ case

Serbia has asked some 80 countries to submit formal statements to the International Court of Justice to outline their stance on Kosovo's declaration of independence. This could help Serbia convincing the court.

So far, 54 countries of the 192 UN members have recognized Kosovo's independence, including the US and most EU countries.

Bosnia-Herzegovina not ready for EU membership

Miroslav Lajcak — EU High Representative and special representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina — said that Bosnia is far too dysfunctional and troubled to apply for EU membership. He said that due to Kosovo's independence, the international community had lost focus on Bosnia-Herzegovina and that it may be time to intervene.

Trial of Vlastimir Djordjevic commenced at UN tribunal

The trial of former Serbian general Vlastimir Djordjevic has started at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague. He is accused of being involved in the murders of hundreds of ethnic Albanians and the deportation of 800,000 others from Kosovo during 1998-1999.

According to the indictment, Djordjevic "willingly participated in a joint criminal enterprise whose aim was to expel the majority of the Kosovo Albanian population to ensure continued Serbian control over the territory".

Explosions rock Mitrovica

Kosovo police said two explosions occurred in a residential area in the northern town of Mitrovica. The explosions — presumed to be from hand grenades — occurred occurred within an hour of each other near apartment buildings of mainly Albanians. No injuries were reported.

KFOR and EUFOR troops were dispatched to the area.